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Our Company

Our Mission
We exist to protect, serve, and improve the earth and the communities, farmers, families and pets that call it home.
Our Vision
No one person can do everything, but everyone can do something. First Saturday Lime might not be able to save the world, but we believe our environmentally-friendly pesticide alternative gives people the chance to do their part.
Who We Are
We are a family that loves being outside. Since we were kids, we always had animals to chase after, gardens to tend, and fields to run around in. Now that we have kids of our own, we want to make sure those experiences continue in a way that’s safe for them, and safe for the environment.
Our Story
Our family has been farming for generations, so we know that pesticides are necessary. But we had concerns -- especially once we had kids running around. We wanted a pesticide that was tough on pests, but not on humans and pets.
When our dad was alive, he’d used natural products for all types of applications. We knew from working alongside him that you could also use types of lime as a pesticide, but traditional hydrated lime is caustic and dangerous to work with. With the help of a chemist (and a lot of patience!) we created a patent pending solution that had never existed before: a non-caustic lime and limestone formula that was tough on bugs but totally safe for humans and pets. And First Saturday Lime was born.
Since then, we’ve found a ton more uses for First Saturday Lime, and we want to tell anybody who will listen how useful First Saturday Lime is!
What’s With That Frog?
When we started out creating First Saturday Lime, a little frog became a frequent visitor to our warehouse. We called that the frog Ricardo, after our Dad, Richard, and Ricardo stuck around until First Saturday Lime launched. Not only were frogs our Dad’s favorite animal, but they’re naturally pest-controlling creatures just like us! Now we put a little Ricardo on every bag of First Saturday Lime.
Why First Saturday?
We chose the sieve size to make sure the product lasts for at least one month for some of its most common uses like insect repelling. To keep things easy, we do our applications on the “first Saturday” of the month.
We Stand Behind Everything We Use
If you’re not totally satisfied with First Saturday Lime, let us know. We stand behind what we make.