A Natural, Effective Solution

First Saturday Lime is the strongest and safest pesticide alternative on the market.  It will NOT burn you or your animals, yet is strong enough to dry up insects, their eggs and larvae.

This is nature’s formula – an EASY solution that repels pests and protects the lives of loved ones, animals, gardens and our earth.

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First Saturday Lime

Learn and share the best ways to use First Saturday Lime. It’s among nature’s absolute best, healthiest, and powerful pest repellents, deodorizer, neutralizer, and much more.

Our non-toxic formula is safe, effective, and has a long list of uses. Learn more by reading below.

Our unique solution protects and grows

Popular uses include…


Sprinkle over the affected area. Use around the base of homes, garages and outbuildings to repel insects and spiders from entering.


Whitewash a FSL and water mix on walls of outdoor buildings to provide a more hygienic environment to live and work. 1 gallon water, 2 pounds salt, 7 pounds lime.


Pour liberally on areas exposed to animal waste. Sweep excess lime from area. Cover floors with approximately 1/8” of FSL or sprinkle in with hay or sawdust. Serves as insect repellent when used in bedding.


Safely adjust the pH in water – ponds and aquariums. Test and apply your water first, for specific direction on achieving your desired results.


Place dirty, outdoor rain boots on a tray of First Saturday Lime to repel spiders and insects.


Pour FSL as a base for outdoor firewood. This will help prevent unwanted insects from burrowing under the wood.

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What’s the Big Difference?

It’s easy to get confused with all the different types of pest repellents out there. Below are some major ways they differ.


Lime Tips

Autumn Care with First Saturday Lime

Autumn Care with First Saturday Lime

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We’re in Stores!

We’re in Stores!

If you’re like me, sometimes I prefer a trip out to the store over waiting for even the fastest shipping. Starting February 2019, you can find First Saturday Lime’s unique formula all across the country (including Alaska!) in the independent retailers where you...

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