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Fall Insect Intrusions: Prepare Your Defenses🍂 🐸

Lyssa Murray | Oct 13, 2023

🍁Fall brings a beautiful display of colors and cozy moments, but it also welcomes uninvited insects determined to make your home theirs. Stink bugs, boxelder bugs, and western conifer seed bugs are particularly active during the fall season, seeking refuge within the warmth of your living spaces. These pests reproduce in staggering numbers during the fall. Entomologists and experts have recorded population surges of over 100% during these months, and your home becomes their prime destination. That's where First Saturday Lime comes to the rescue, serving as your ultimate shield this fall.


🐜 The Challenge of Stink Bugs

Experts say Stink bugs are causing more distress this fall than ever before. These shield-shaped insects are notorious for the pungent odor they release when disturbed. They are remarkably adaptable and can reproduce at an alarming rate in the fall. Stink bugs can be a nightmare when they infiltrate your homes and release their skunk-like smells. Stink bugs feed on a variety of plants, making them a common agricultural pest. They often gather on the sunny sides of houses, preparing to enter your home as temperatures drop. Their preference for warm spaces makes your home their prime destination. (Source)

Stink Bug Image


🪲 The Struggle of Boxelder Bugs

As temperatures drop, Boxelder Bugs start looking for warmth in your home. Adults have the ability to fly up to two miles when seeking warmer places, and they frequently congregate on the sunniest side of a house. These insects are known to stain walls, curtains, and other surfaces with their excrement which can be a nightmare to properly clean. Since Boxelder bugs are often found in large groups, prevention is crucial to avoid any damage they may cause to your home's interior. We recommend preventing this with First Saturday Lime before they ruin your home. (Source)

Boxelder Bugs Image


🪳 The Onslaught of Western Conifer Seed Bugs

Western conifer seed bugs resemble stink bugs in appearance and intrusiveness. They invade homes during the fall and quickly become a major annoyance as their population multiplies. Although they are named "Western," they are not limited to one region and have a presence in all 50 states. They gain access to your home by crawling through small cracks and gaps, making it essential to prevent their initial entry into your living space. (Source)

Western Conifer Seed Bug Image



🐸 FSL - Your Fall Guardian

Don't let any of these uninvited insects turn your home into their cozy hideaway this fall. First Saturday Lime offers an eco-friendly and highly effective solution by establishing a natural barrier that these pests won't cross. This defense line stops these insects in their tracks and when used as directed poses no harm to your family, pets, or the environment.

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