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Prepare Your Home for Winter with First Saturday Lime

David North | Oct 1, 2019

It’s easy to remember to use First Saturday Lime during spring and summer planting and gardening, but don't forget to put it to use in the fall! It's one of the most important ways we get our house, garden, and animals ready for the colder months. Check out our favorite ways to prepare for winter:  

At home: Layer First Saturday Lime under firewood to prevent contamination.  

Around your horses:

When temperatures hover around 70 degrees, fleas begin hatching in very large numbers. Use a yard spreader on the lowest setting to treat the yard at least once a month.  After applying, wait 2 days to water.        

For your outdoor dog areas:

In the fall season, ticks flock to leaf piles, tall grass, trees, and high traffic pet areas like the outside feed or water bowl. Apply a 1/8 inch layer of First Saturday Lime in areas you want to protect.       

For your chickens:

If you have chickens, the autumn and winter can be some of the worst times of year for an infestation. As the weather turns colder, some insects on chickens actually become more active.  Apply a 1/8 inch layer of First Saturday Lime to chicken bedding, dust baths, and runs to protect against various lice and mites.  

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