Below are just a few testimonials from our

Happy Customers

I recently purchased First Saturday Lime for my backyard. One of my dogs has serious allergies to the other pest repellents, which is why I wanted to try this product. He was picking up a lot of flees in the backyard, and even with flee medication, I noticed they would still be present.

I loved how this product was organic and earth friendly. Within less than a week, I noticed a huge difference. My dog was scratching significantly less, and the flees were gone. I also noticed a difference in the health of my plants. I have a tomato garden that has sometimes been ruined by bugs. This product REALLY WORKS. Within 2-3 weeks, I noticed a huge difference in the quality and sweetness of my vegetables.

I highly recommend this product if you’re looking for a safe, strong and effective organic alternative to the other products on the market.


Dog and Lawn Care

“…After using it for a week I am so happy with the results! …I have replaced my previous horse stall deodorizer PVC with First Saturday Lime. Not only does it cleans the stalls and keeps insects away! …The best part is that it’s cheaper too! I am so happy!!!


Horse Care

“First Saturday Lime has been essential to maintaining my small family chicken coop.

As a young mother of four – three boys mind you – I barely get groceries in the refrigerator before they disappear into the mouths and bellies of my hungry children. In an effort to keep up with my growing family and save some money, my husband and I invested in a brood of chickens to produce our own eggs. I was very nervous about the cleanliness of this venture, but after discovering First Saturday Lime, I haven’t had to worry at all. White washing the inside of our coop with a lime mixture and sprinkling it all around the inside and outside sanitizes and keeps away lice and mites.

The chickens love giving themselves dust-baths and new additions to our brood seem to increase in health the longer they are with us. Thank you, First Saturday Lime.”


Poulty Farmer, Mother of Four

I love dogs, but man do they poop. It’s important to me, with all of the unsafe and unsanitary practices of dog breeding and puppy milling, that I maintain the highest standards for my pups. Spreading First Saturday Lime in their pens and runs sanitizes what can otherwise turn into a very messy and unhealthy environment. Plus, putting a nice layer of clean lime on top makes the process of cleaning and removing the mess so much less unpleasant. I love this lime!


Dog Kennel Operator

“This product, First Saturday Lime, is so useful around the yard. The calcium carbonate ingredient is the best way to increase the pH of your soil and promote healthy vegetation. It’s also a responsible way to deter some of the smaller critters like fleas and ticks that might invade your yard or home. If you’ve got a lawn or garden, you need First Saturday Lime.”


Weed Control and Lawn Care

“I’ve sold and applied lime by the truckloads for years to the farmers of Oklahoma. This product is essential to raising the pH and is different than other limestone products that can increase the thickness of your soil. High percentages of magnesium found in the other limestone products can suffocate your vegetation. If a truckload of this stuff is a key additive for farmers who’s livelihood depends on it, family gardeners and regular fellows who are obsessed with their lawn need to get a monthly subscription of First Saturday Lime immediately.”


Agronomy Sales

Parents trust me with their beautiful children, and I trust First Saturday Lime to provide an environmentally safe barrier for insects around my home!

Joanie Meyer

Daycare Provider and Grandma

My henhouse has never been cleaner thanks to First Saturday Lime.


Poultry Farmer

If you think you can have a bug free organic garden, you’re crazy. Organic is another term for natural and bugs are a part of nature, but there are certain natural things that deter insects and First Saturday Lime is one of the very best! I put a little on the soil, careful not to overdo it for my fruits and veggies that grow better in slightly acidic soil. Then, after lightly wetting my plants with a garden hose, I dust the plants with First Saturday Lime to provide a sort of dusty armor against bugs.


Organic Gardner, Oklahoma

“I saw a 30% increase in yield after raising my soils pH with First Saturday Lime.”

Wes Miller


Effective. Safe. Responsible Organic Protection

SAFER than calcium hydroxide, STRONGER than dolomitic ground quarry lime. 

This is nature’s organic, EFFECTIVE yet easy solution that enhances the homes and lives of loved ones, animals, gardens – and the environment too. Simply apply once a month.