Chalkpaint Pumpkins

Chalkpaint Pumpkins

An Experiment to Chalkpaint Pumpkins


White latex paint

A sheet or tarp

One 5lb (or 20lb) bag of First Saturday Lime

Paintbrushes and/or paint buckets

Stir-stick and paint key


First, we gathered some scrappy pumpkins left at the bottom of the barrel (ie. no stems, rough textures.) in order to give them new life.

Then we gathered some willing helpers who called dibs and named the pumpkins.

We spread the tarp down and weighted it with pumpkins so it wouldn’t blow away.  Then we repurposed a hanging plant basket by taping the bottom hole shut and clipping the hanger off.  This was to be how we dunked our pumpkins.

Then we poured our paint directly into the planter and added several cups of FSL to it.  We wanted a very chunky paint so we added quite a bit, but you should add small amounts while stirring until you get the desired consistency.



The first one was dunking. We marked how far we wanted to dunk to get the the desired look.


The second technique we tried was drizzling.


Less may be more in this scenario.

The third technique was painting.


It came out as more of a whitewashed look. Maybe two coats would have made it look better; However, it should be noted that this was not professionally done.

All in all, it was a lot of fun and made some great additions to the porch. The kids enjoyed experimenting and it was pretty easy for all ages.

Extra ideas: Add spiders or faces for ghost pumpkins for Halloween or flowers/leaves for Thanksgiving.


Awesome gifts for a chicken lover

Awesome gifts for a chicken lover

If you’re looking for gift ideas to surprise, entertain and give love to chickens and/or the people who love them, look no further. Here are a few fun and creatively fowl gift ideas for this holiday season.

Bogey Man Egg White Separator

By far one of the funniest, easiest but also most disgusting ways to separate your egg yolks from your egg whites. The Bogeyman, is a ceramic coffee mug-looking kitchen accessory that separate your eggs by straining it through his nostrils. Not only is it oddly fascinating to watch, it’s simply useful design gets the job done while ensuring laughs for years to come.

Price: varies – this is a hot item!

A Chicken Harness

This chicken harness is more than a novelty – it’s also very practical!  This durable, comfortable item is made of breathable mesh and a 6 foot long nylon leash. It’s easy to hand wash and air dry. We love that it’s adjustable design can be used to harness your chicken, duck or goose in un-fenced areas. This leaves you free to go about your business weeding or gardening with more confidence.

Price: $18.00

Getting Laid? Have an Egg-cellent Apron













Harvest up to NINETEEN eggs in your egg gathering apron each morning! The pattern for the best apron you’ll ever need it available!.For this egg-cellent egg gathering apron, this awesome chicken lady created a back/main portion, three strips for pockets, and one large pocket for your cell phone, to-do list, pen… whatever. In also includes a strap, doubled-up for added durability. Harvest up to NINETEEN eggs in your egg gathering apron each morning!


Chicken Jewel Leg Bands

Sometimes you gotta give them a little of their own razzle dazzle!  These are a fun way to identify your chickens, duck, geese, and other poultry pals! Plus, it’s adorable to see them on your feathered friends. Have more pens of birds than there are colors of bands? Add a charm to the band to expand the identifying possibilities and fun.

Price: $16.95

High fashion: the perfect poultry tutu

photo source:

How awesome is this MAJESTIC hen above? What could be better than dressing up POULTRY!? These tutus are high fashion and make great, timeless outfits for any occasion  – and especially loved by the particularly fancy chickens. Each of these chicken ensembles are handmade using high quality black elastic and tulle netting. With over 15 color combinations, the possibilities are vast and ready to be tailored to your cock or hen’s unique personality.

Price: $14.99

Want more? Check out Thimble Works’ online shop for more chicken accessories including hen protectors, chicken aprons, or hen saddles in a variety of fun and funky designs.

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