The Purrfect Use for First Saturday Lime: Control Litter Box Odor!

The Purrfect Use for First Saturday Lime: Control Litter Box Odor!

For indoor cats, First Saturday Lime is the best way to control litter box odor and bacteria.

We love First Saturday Lime for so many of our pets – dogs, horses, goats, and chickens – to name a few. But cats were feeling left out! By working as a desiccant, First Saturday Lime reduces the moisture and controls the bacteria growth that can make litter boxes stinky.

To control litter box odor and bacteria, all you have to do is sprinkle an 1/8 inch layer of First Saturday Lime over the kitty litter of your choice. That’s it. Reapply monthly as needed.

Photo courtesy of @the_salty_roo_sanctuary

Prepare Your Home for Winter with First Saturday Lime

Prepare Your Home for Winter with First Saturday Lime

It’s easy to remember to use First Saturday Lime during spring and summer planting and gardening, but don’t forget to put it to use in the fall! It’s one of the most important ways we get our house, garden, and animals ready for the colder months. Check out our favorite ways to prepare for winter:


At home:

Layer First Saturday Lime under firewood to prevent contamination.







Around your horses:

When temperatures hover around 70 degrees, fleas begin hatching in very large numbers. Use a yard spreader on the lowest setting to treat the yard at least once a month.  After applying, wait 2 days to water.  




For outdoor dogs:

In the fall season, ticks flock to leaf piles, tall grass, trees, and high traffic pet areas like the outside feed or water bowl. Apply a 1/8 inch layer of First Saturday Lime in areas you want to protect. 




For your chickens:

If you have chickens, the autumn and winter can be some of the worst times of year for an infestation. As the weather turns colder, some insects on chickens actually become more active.  Apply a 1/8 inch layer of First Saturday Lime to chicken bedding, dust baths, and runs to protect against various lice and mites.  

We’re in Stores!

We’re in Stores!

If you’re like me, sometimes I prefer a trip out to the store over waiting for even the fastest shipping. Starting February 2019, you can find First Saturday Lime’s unique formula all across the country (including Alaska!) in the independent retailers where you already shop for your lawn and garden supplies. I’m so excited we can now make it even easier to bring First Saturday Lime home for all of your indoor, outdoor, and animal projects. Check out our Tips page for more ideas about all the ways you can use First Saturday Lime. Want to see First Saturday Lime at your local store? Reach out to us on social media or use our contact form.


You Won’t Believe What Could Be Under Your Christmas Tree This Year

You Won’t Believe What Could Be Under Your Christmas Tree This Year

What’s Christmas like in your house? With two young kids, Christmas is always a big deal for us. And it’s one of my favorite times of year, too. I love seeing friends at holiday parties, having the family over for Dirty Santa, and decorating the tree with my kids. If you get a real tree, however, you risk decking the halls with some unexpected ornaments! Many insects call these trees home, and without the right precautions, you’ll bring them right into your living room.


A lot of them are too small to see, but they’re there. Aphids, spiders, mites, and bark beetles are the most common. Some tree farms and distributors will spray trees with pesticides to get rid of the critters, but these have been known to cause adverse reactions in sensitive skin. And if you’re like me, the thought of dragging chemicals into the house isn’t too appealing.


Since starting Saturday Lime, we’ve added a new holiday tradition: treating our tree with First Saturday Lime before we bring the tree inside. First Saturday Lime works as a desiccant, drying out insects, their eggs, and their larvae. Treating plants this way is 100% non-toxic and safe for you, your kids, and your pets. The insects will flee from the drying effects of the limestone, and the eggs and larvae left behind will dehydrate and die. Treating our tree with First Saturday Lime makes me confident enough to bring the tree inside our house. It only takes a few steps, and your kids can help too.


Steps for a Bug-Free Tree:

  1. Before you bring the tree inside, give it as much of a shake as you can to knock off any larger insects.
  2. Prop the tree up and sprinkle a generous amount of First Saturday Lime from trunk to tip. (My kids love doing this part!) If you watch closely, you may see the bugs scatter.
  3. After 1-2 hours, shake the tree off so you don’t bring any dust into the house.
  4. Voila! Bug free tree.


From the First Saturday Lime family, Merry Christmas! Now if only there was something for all those pine needles… 


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