Our Company

Our Mission

We exist to protect, serve, and grow to improve the earth and the communities, farmers, families and pets that call it home. That is why, for over 50 years our family has been serving the community and are now more than ever dedicated to providing education on healthy alternatives and delivering eco-friendly products with carefully chosen ingredients that never skimp on quality.

Our Focus

As a third generation family business rooted in the heart of America, we focus on enhancing life through our products, services and community platform. We offer decades of wisdom, timeless and new best practices, and experience that earns trust and by providing products that help people protect, grow, and create landscapes where life thrives.


People First

People are at the heart of what we do for today and the future.

Nature Friendly

We focus on responsible solutions to improve and guard the earth we all call home.

Problem Solvers

Our formula is a non-toxic, safe yet strong solution that solves problems as nature intended.

Customer Support

Our customers are an extension of who we are and we remain dedicated to serving them.

Small Price, Big Results 

  • Safe for People, Animals, the Earth 99%
  • Natural Strength 97%
  • Easy to Use 100%
  • Customer Happiness 98%

The secret of our success?

Our Team & Community

A Natural, Effective Solution

There are many types of lime. First Saturday Lime is SAFER than calcium hydroxide, STRONGER than dolomitic ground quarry lime.

This is nature’s mineral – an EASY solution that repels pests and protects the lives of loved ones, animals, gardens and our earth.